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About Us

We have over 10 years experience in providing complete Wholesale Solutions for B2B.

Import & Export Specialist

British Wholesale is a leading provider of wholesale products and specialists in import and export of a multitude of products. These range from home textiles, healthcare services as well as services to the fashion industry. We also provide wholesale printed services on bed linen and duvet sets. These can be made via bespoke designs, contact us for further information.
Based in The UK

One thing we pride ourselves on is being UK based, making it easier for communication between us and our clients and allowing us to meet the clients for a more personalised delivery. We are at Epping London.

Over 1.5 Acres of Warehouse Space

Our warehouse is over 1.5 acres. Everything from importing to dispatching is fulfilled from here. This gives us a huge USP over our competitors. The majority of our products are always in stock, opening our clients to huge savings. We also have holding space in quite a few international locations.

Customer Service & Account Friends

We not only offer excellent customer service, but a person centred attitude. Our staff are highly trained to answer any queries and problem-solve. We aim to take away the complexities of import and export. Please call us for your bespoke solution.

Delivering Partners

Our logistics team is here to meet all your requirements, from ships to trains, to our own vans. We aim to deliver. We hold contracts with a large network of logistic companies to give our clients the best prices and services. We manufacture and have suppliers to meet your requirements whatever the quantity.

Niches We Continue to Deliver to

A big thanks to our loyal customers over the past 10 years who have helped us grow. We are proud to have served and continue to serve our customer base which has now reached just over 5,000. We must be doing something right! Delivering high quality products to Health Sectors, Sports Clubs, Education Establishments, Local Governments etc.


Moosh is a brand of Metafar Limited.